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About Austi

Please contact Austin on 01269 595733/07528113840, do not use number above

Born in Neath, South Wales, Austin Charles has been astonishing people with his psychic and mediumistic abilities since he was an infant.

At the age of 2 he was visited from his Great Grandfather who had passed away one month previous. The information he was able to divulge from this visitation amazed his family.

Britain's Psychic ChallengeAustin had many other encounters with his abilities throughout his school years but just thought it was normal and that everybody had the ability.

After leaving school, he worked for his Local Authority, 6 years of which proved to be the grounding stage for what was to follow.

Austin learned the disciplines of his abilities and opened up to them further. He had the pleasure of meeting some well-known like-minded people which enhanced his abilities further and as his confidence grew and his ego became controlled, the information flowed.

He has a regular clientele from as far afield as Zimbabwe, Australia, USA, Canada, and many others, not to mention the home countries.

He has also demonstrated his ability 'live' in numerous venues and has also worked on unsolved murder cases and dealt with missing persons enquires.


You may recognise Austin following his appearance on the Channel 5 TV programme Britains' Psychic Challenge. His aim on this programme was to conquer fear in himself and to balance his confidence in a wider perspective.

He got off to a slow start in the beginning, but as time passed, was very privileged to be voted the best on two consecutive occasions. He is proud that he indeed balanced his confidence, conquered his fear, and to be called modest with it, was more of an achievement in itself and something he is very proud of.


Paul from Leicester
"I've seen Austin on a number of occasions in the past and each time it's as if he's been living with me. I'm still astonished and amazed, I'm now a believer!"

Melanie, Wales
"Austin is very down to earth and is always there to answer my questions on a regular basis. I always feel I make progress in my life whenever I see Austin - he's a breath of fresh air. He is direct yet polite, very informative and correct. I would recommend him."

The Paint Pot Ladies
"Austin correctly predicted our new DIY business adventure. We were amazed on how quick it all come about. He recently stated that we would be offered a contract abroad. 2 weeks later we've been offered a contract to work on villas in Majorca - its spooky."

What now?

To contact Austin for a personal reading call him on 01269 595733 or use any of the methods found on the contact page.